Refer & Get $2,000

(yes we're serious)

Refer us to a person who handles Employee Meal Programs at any company in Singapore, and we'll give you $2,000 when they become a customer.
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Refer & Get $2,000

Yes, we're serious! Refer us to a person who handles Employee Meal Programs at any company in Singapore, and we'll give you $2,000 when they become a customer.

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A centralized management tool
for all your company's food orders

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Save thousands on your company's food spend

Put your catering budget to work. With CaterSpot's rebate programme, your company will rack up savings with every order placed on the marketplace or with our concierge service.

Our sales team will set you up with different tiers of reward levels, so the higher you spend, the more savings you'll unlock.

Your finance team will receive the rebate as a credit note after the end of the end of the month and can use it to reduce your next invoice


Convenient and custom monthly invoicing

Get credit terms and invoices billed directly to your company - no more paying out of pocket and filing expense claims.

Streamline payment processing with 1 invoice for all your monthly catering orders or customise your invoice settings to separate them by your company's internal requirements, whether it's a PO#, Cost Center, event code, or all of the above! Your finance team will thank you.

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All your food spend. All in one place.

See catering and pantry supplies spend across all your teams from a centralised dashboard. Easily set up your teams on CaterSpot and manage the permissions of each user.

With a Multi-Workspace set up, the complexity of managing services across various offices, buildings, or teams is elegantly streamlined. Seamlessly switch between these distinct spaces within a single, centralized hub, allowing for efficient oversight and control.

Largest vendor selection and ultra-reliable logistics

Streamline operations with CaterSpot as a single vendor, while giving your company 500+ restaurants and caterers to order from with our network of trusted and curated food partners.

We make it easy to order for your group, whether it's food for 10 or 500, and prices are the same as going directly to the caterer.

We are delivery experts and we've built an ultra-reliable delivery experience specifically for large, corporate catering orders. Track your delivery and watch it arrive on time, and as ordered.
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How it works

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Fill in the from
Our sales team will reach out to brief you
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Your Referral signs up

We'll send you updates on the status throughout our sales process

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We send you $2,000

We'll transfer $2,000 to your bank account if your referral is successful, after their first month as a customer.

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Help every step of the way

A dedicated Account Manager for your company to help with food suggestions and ordering. Behind the scenes, our operations teams are overseeing your order from start to finish. 

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You'll never pay more with us
Our price promise guarantees that you won't find our food partners cheaper anywhere else.
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Food delivered on your schedule
Our easy-to-use website makes ordering on the same day or even months in advance completely effortless.

Some companies who love us

Frame 247
“We love working with CaterSpot, the food is on time, and always goes over very well with our team. Thanks for making my job easier.”

Your one-stop office food solution

Meal Program

Let us take care of your regular team meals with a dedicated account manager & meal plan software.

Pantry Management

Work with CaterSpot to manage your pantry program.


Cater your large events with confidence with the help of a dedicated food expert.

Corporate Cafeterias

Cafeteria solutions that offer 10X the value of a traditional cafeteria at 1/4th the cost.

What is an Employee Meal Program?

Companies may offer Employee Meal Program in the form of recurring daily/weekly lunches, breakfasts, happy hours or other meals. Meals are paid by the company and meals occur on a recurring, regularly scheduled basis.

When is a referral successful?

  • The company you refer signs up and minimally commits to a 2 week trial with our meal program service
  • You refer us to someone who handles or introduces us to the person in charge of corporate meal program at the company
  • Optional - increase your chance of success by introducing us directly to your contact


How do I receive my reward?

We'll keep you updated during the sales cycle and when they sign up. After 1 month of the meal program, we'll send a bank transfer to the bank account details you provide us.

Why are you paying me for this?

We know companies love our employee meal programs and stay with us for a very long time as customers. That's why we're happy to pay a high finder's fee to anyone who can help us find companies that offer this elusive perk!

Can we keep your referral confidential?

Yes, of course!
We understand you may not want to share with the prospective company that you were rewarded for the referral. We will of course keep this confidential.
We can also keep your identity confidential if you select during your form submission or call with our sales team.

Do I really earn $2,000?

Yes - we pay $2,000 for each successful referral

If you send us multiple referrals, we'll pay you for each one ex. if you send us 5 and we sign them all up, we'll send you a total of $10,000!